While this is a bit extreme, helmet or headset cameras on athletes and race car drivers have been a cool way to get right into a game or event. Da Vinci was also known to write from left to right and from right to left, a technique called mirror writing. ­The book also invokes two other popular theories, both of which have been discounted by art historians: that Mary Magdalene, rather than the apostle John, sits on Jesus’ right in Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” painting, and that a disembodied hand in the painting holds a knife. Pesci didn’t indicate who he thought the baby might be, but many amateur scholars have said it’s the child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Let’s say that da Vinci did embed secret images in “The Last Supper,” intending for someone to make a discovery one day like Slavisa Pesci did. Lovers of “The Da Vinci Code” might say that the presence of the images indicate that Dan Brown and other similar writers are on to something mysterious, fundamental and profound. Theories about da Vinci’s work abound in Brown’s book, including many about the “Mona Lisa.” But as our article How the Da Vinci Code Doesn’t Work shows, it’s easy to disprove many of the novel’s theories, which is perhaps not surprising or important, except that Brown seems to present his book as based in fact. ­­You’ve likely heard of ­Dan Brown’s best-selling book “The Da Vinci Code” and the subsequent movie adaptation. Th is con te᠎nt has ​be en w ritt en  by GSA C᠎on​tent​ Gen erator  Demover si᠎on᠎! What special knowledge would da Vinci have had about Jesus 1500 years after his death, and why would he hide it in a painting? Brown’s story centers around the theory that Jesus married his follower Mary Magdalene, had a child with her, and that the descendants of that marriage live today. The latest theory du jour has generated so much excitement that several da Vinci-centered Web sites crashed from an overwhelming amount of traffic. Pesci’s theory and its possible relationship to da Vinci’s mirror writing, while alluring, dev d movie watch online present some problems. When you have almost any inquiries with regards to where as well as the best way to employ watch n.w.a. movie, you’ll be able to call us at our own web site.